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AWAVE® drinking cup with handle, 420 ml, made of rPET

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AWAVE® – For a better future

What sets us apart from other drinking cups?
We are made from 5.2 recycled PET bottles and are food safe.

Why are we so special?
... because we make your events a highlight! Whether for a company event, a festival, or for everyday use in your company: we are robust, functional, suitable for cold and hot drinks and look stunning. The fact that 5.2 recycled PET bottles were given a second life is our valuable contribution to avoiding waste and conserving resources.

Personalized cups:
We design your cups for every occasion. Use the cups as advertising space and always be where your guests/customers are. Simply upload your logo or an image that identifies you as a brand in the quote request and we will create a first draft for you. (Minimum order: 3000 pieces).

The drinking cup with handle:
420 ml, ø approx. 9.1 cm, height approx. 9.1 cm

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Great drinking cup with handle
  • Made from 5.2 recycled PET bottles
  • Suitable for cold and hot drinks
  • Environmentally friendly & good for the ecological balance
  • Hygienic & food safe
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Material: PET
  • Packaging made from FSC-certified material
  • Can be customized (from 3000 pieces)

Because conserving resources is a matter close to our hearts! Plastic does not belong in the environment, but should be returned to the production chain as a raw material in the most gentle way possible. AWAVE® sees its responsibility here and manufactures products from recycled or bio-based plastics that can themselves be recycled. This creates a cycle that Mother Nature sets an example for us. Zero waste for more environmental protection!

rPET isn't for you? No problem. The cups are also available made from sugar cane.

  1. Bio-PE is a plastic that is based on renewable and plant-based raw materials such as sugar cane . Bio-PE is 100% recyclable.
  2. By avoiding fossil raw materials, Bio-PE represents an environmentally friendly and future-oriented alternative to conventional PE.
  3. It is just as easy to process and is equally robust and flexible in its use.
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