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AWAVE® Shot cup, 4 cl, made of rPET, calibration mark at 2 cl and 4 cl, stackable

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Quantity (at least 3,000 pieces)

AWAVE® – For a Better Future

What sets us apart from other shot glasses?
We are made from 3 recycled PET bottles and are food-safe.

Why are we so special?
… because we make your events the highlight! Whether as small drinking glasses or as small cups for serving portions of fruits or desserts, we are robust, functional, suitable for hot & cold drinks, and look stunning. The fact that 3 recycled PET bottles get a second life is our valuable contribution to waste reduction and resource conservation.

Customized Cups:
We design your cups for every occasion. Use the cups as advertising space and always be where your guests/customers are. Simply upload your logo or an image that represents your brand in the quote request, and we will create an initial draft for you. (Minimum order: 3000 pieces).

The Shot Glass:
approx. 4 cl, ø approx. 4.5 cm, height approx. 5.9 cm
With calibration marks at 2 cl and 4 cl

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Great shot glass with tiger motif
  • Made from 3 recycled PET bottles
  • With calibration marks at 2 cl and 4 cl
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • Eco-friendly & good for the carbon footprint
  • Sustainable, as it can be recycled again
  • Hygienic & food-safe
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe
  • Material: rPET
  • Packaging made from FSC-certified material
  • Customizable (from 3000 pieces)

Because resource conservation is a matter close to our hearts! Plastic does not belong in the environment but should be reintegrated into production chains as gently as possible. AWAVE® sees itself as responsible and manufactures products from recycled or bio-based plastics, which can be recycled again. This creates a cycle that Mother Nature demonstrates to us. Zero-Waste for more environmental protection!

rPET is not for you? No problem. The cups are also available made from sugarcane.

  1. Bio-PE is a plastic based on renewable and plant-based raw materials such as sugarcane. Bio-PE is 100% recyclable.
  2. By avoiding fossil raw materials, Bio-PE represents an environmentally friendly and forward-looking alternative to conventional PE.
  3. It can be processed just as well and is equally robust and flexible.
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